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Could you be an enthousiastic diy speaker builder or a professional designer, if you are looking for a new speaker design software which help you build the project of your dream, lets discover Sofmea. It is composed from different tools that you can combine the way you want and uses the most recent libraries and algorithms to measure the loudspeaker (frequency response, phase response and impedance), see and analyse the result or optimize the crossover. If you need special extra tools or if you have any suggestion, feel free to contact the webmaster (see the Contact section or on the forum).

The software is online since 10.01.2012.

Download the file : Sofmea V2.0
Download number : 8632
Ask for a free 15 days trial activation code in order to be able to optimize the crossover of your box. If your trial is already over, feel free to ask for a new code.

Find extra tools which may help you for your speaker project !

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