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Once you have measured the woofer and the tweeter independently to get the frequency and phase response and the impedance. If you don't know the impedance of your speakers, take the average value around the crossover frequency and select that your impedance is constant.

In order to simulate a crossover, click on the "Optimize Menu" and select "Crossover Simulation". This tool doesn't work directly with composant values but with filter parameters ; the composant values may be obtained indirectly with the other tool available in the "Optimize Menu".

Tip : In order to get used to this tool, you may select constant values for frequency response, impedance and phase in order to see what different filters may look like !

Be carefull not to select a too low cutoff frequency for your tweeter because it could damaged... For second order filter, the slope is then 12 dB instead of 6 dB, and you have any additionnal parameter which is the quality factor. It is better to choose a Q factor lower than 0.707, otherwise your will get reasonance at cutoff frequency, which is not so good for your ears.
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